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Friday, December 16, 2005

I just wanted to respond back to a few of my last comments on my blog. Grades are inevitably something many students stress about and I think it is quite funny that Greg suggested to study at the bar....many people might actually take his advice, I for one wouldn't because it would be very hard to concentrate. I do agree with Eric that some teachers do not realize how much work us students actually have to do, especially if we have more than one final on one day. I guess since many of us are seniors we are use to the problems of having more than one exam on any given day.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Finals are here....

The semester is coming to an end and you know what that means. FINALS. This is the time of year when many college students stress out. Many students stress out due to the strenuous amounts of work the end of the semester brings. Papers, exams, projects...its just a lot of work and if you wait until the last minute its a whole lot of work. As a Senior, I have a lot of work to do, from creating this blog to exams and papers, it is all very time consuming.

At this time of the year you will notice the libraries becoming more crowded, students will be carrying around a lot more Starbucks cups. It is just what they do. You will read a lot of away messages online that say, "Studying forever" or "Cramming", "Studying until I fall asleep" it is all the usual stuff that goes on at the end of the semester.

But, is all the studying and cramming worth it? Many people say it is because of the result of good grades, but for some people it is just too much stress and pressure and they can not deal with it.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Making the Grade....

Erin had previously commented on my post that she too says the semester has been really tough and is trying to keep doing good work even though the semester is almost over. Like I said I agree and grades are the end-product to hard work. Grades reflect all the work you have done throughout the semester. Although, some people may only have average grades, it does not mean they are not trying. I for one try hard, well with the except of alittle bit of slacking from time to time, and still get about average grades. I feel that grades do not necessarily reflect a person, stating that C's are for average or not so smart students and A's for really hard working smart students. Some people do not even have to try and A's and B's are just accustomed to them. I would love to be one of those people, but in reality I have to try really hard to earn the grades I earn, sometimes I may fall short but that is life

As a Senior right now, as Erin stated, this is the last year to pull your grades up and show potential interviewers what you are made of. This is the last year to work hard, get the grades you deserve and walk at graduation!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sooo Much to do....So little time....

Soo much work to do....so little time..... End of the year projects, papers, etc. are all parts of the end of the semester. As a senior grade really count and there is no room for messing up. Classes seem to be coming to an end and that is when all the work really needs to be done. As a senior and also working part-time I have to try and manage the time I spend on schoolwork and working, sometimes it is really hard to do. Good luck to all you SENIORS!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Some quotes I thought fit well with graduating college, these quotes are either how we as college students are feeling or discusses something you have dealt with in your four years here at the University of Delaware:

Don't expect to recognize yourself four years from now."
--Graduate, English/Psychology, Vassar College

"Wear flip-flops in the shower. You don't want what grows in the shower to grow on your feet!"

"Remember the #1 rule: if it would annoy you if your roommate did it, it will probably annoy your roommate if you do it."
--Graduate, Chemical Engineering, University of Virginia

"Although you should be open to new ideas and people, your room shouldn't. Always lock your door when you're not there."
--Senior, Legal Studies, Quinnipiac University

"You have to ask yourself, 'What class is going to get me out of bed at eight o'clock in the morning?' That is a class you should definitely sign up for."
--Senior, Biomedical Sciences, Marquette University

College Life

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Senior Life

How can people think the last year of college is suppose to be easy. It is the last year in school, the last year to party, the last year for hard work. Life of Seniors is not as easy as everyone thinks at all. Classes get harder as you excel in school and the work does n0t lighten up much. You do not even know where to begin. I think the symptom of "Senioritis" is taking it's toll on me. I am trying to do well in school, but there are so many other things to worry about it is hard sometimes.

The whole getting a job for when you graduate is one huge dilemma for many college students. What job is right for you and what exactly you want to do when you graduate can be huge problems for many college students to figure out at this given day and time.

Here is an article that discusses Senioritis and what to do to not cave into to it, high school students face the same fears as we do....

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I am redirecting my blog to a more appropiate topic. My new blog posts will be about Living in Newark: The Life of a College Senior!! As a Senior myself, I know there are many hard tasks and requirements we have to deal with. First off, senioritis is really taking it's toll on me, I am trying to be a good student and get my work done, but something about it being my last year here is really hitting me hard. Although I am glad that I have made it through almost 4 years of college I am sad to graduate. The real world is a big step in my life and everyone elses, will I be able to make it??